Plasma Iq
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PLASMA IQ is an electrosurgical device used in the removal and destruction of skin lesions and coagulation of tissue.

  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Skin lesion decrease
  • Improves skin smoothness and texture

Plasma Iq

PLASMA IQ uses skin sublimation, a physical phenomenon which causes controlled and very precise skin lesions to create a tightening and shrinking of the skin tissue.
As the tip of the PLASMA IQ electrode approaches the skin, it ionizes the gases in the air, generating a small voltaic arc.
The plasma arc causes the epidermis of the skin to sublimate, turning a solid into a gas, resulting in immediate retraction and tightening of the skin in the targeted area. This plasma sublimation method is highly precise and controlled. It does not transmit heat to the surrounding area.

During the procedure, a tiny flash of plasma is discharged from the tip of the handpiece to the area to be treated, creating a tiny spot without cutting the skin and any other trauma like bleeding.
PLASMA IQ has a unique tip that delivers a focused arc of energy with the precise amount of energy desired during treatment.
The device has different energy levels allowing safe and effective treatments for a variety of indications and areas; it contributes to decrease downtime and minimize the risk of side effects.